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martes, 6 de julio de 2010

my favorite food

Helloooooooooo everybody... i return, This my activity on my favorite food!

The mixture of the melted cheese, with dispersed chunks of ham, salami, peperoni or any ingredient of your taste on a baked mass makes one the pizza of my show restraint preferred, his edges toasted and in some stuffed ocaciones of cheese, water does the mouth to me!, i cant eating all day.. any time At any hour!The pizza comes of italia.. i love this country...
If you look well They all like the pizza, because of it I think that she is one of the best eaten ones who could exist

martes, 29 de junio de 2010


hello people... again , this is my homework for level 1 , Unit 5, lesson A. I had a conversetion with a friend about my new restaurant "bamboo's"!

Justin: hello vero, how are you?

Vero: ey justin hi, im ok and you?

justin: fine, i call you because .. I want to invite you to have lunch! im hungry!

Vero: yes ofcourse im hungry too, i love it! do you like italian food?

justin: yes i like a lot, but Do you know a place of Italian food?

vero: i know one place, it's call bamboo's, their pizza is Delicious, and its cheap.

justin:sounds great, i love idea, lest's go, i pass for you at 5pm ok?

Vero:ok, see you!


THIS IS MY ACTIVITY FOR LEVEL 1 , UNIT 5, LESSON A"Food and eating habits". THIS IS a menu of my own restaurant. This restaurant only has English food. my restaurant called "BAMBOO'S RESTAURANT " We have Italian food,breakfast,lunch and dinner, i hope you like it

martes, 22 de junio de 2010

Activity level1 , unit 4 activities and interests

what are you doing?
I am giving a gift of christmas to my sister.

What are they doing?
they are dancing To win a competence of dance.

What are he doing?
He is sleeping

What are she doing?
she is singing.

miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010

interesting products

The ds is my favorite thing, Because it's very enterteining, I am charmed with playing mario card .. and I can use it when I am bored or on having gone of trip.

This activity is for my english class-level 1,These are the things that they find in my room.